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Abdominal Therapy is a hands on therapy applied externally to the abdomen, pelvis, back, hips, and sacrum.


Treatment improves blood circulation, lymph, nervous system, & hormonal messages into the abdominal and pelvic regions.


It is beneficial for digestive issues, menstrual issues, preparation for pregnancy, fertility, and postpartum recovery. 

*People of any age and body can benefit from this work. My goal is to create a safe partnership in health for all genders, non-binary, gender fluid, and LGBTQIA people.


  • Easier periods 

  • A calm clean gut 

  • Super-charged fertility 

  • Healing Scar tissue

  • Optimized gynecological and pelvic health 

  • Smoother menopause 

  • Digestive relief 

  • Confidence conceiving 

  • Empowered labor and birthing 

  • Alignment of abdominal/pelvic organs

  • Stronger post-baby recovery 

  • Enhanced Prostate health

  • Improved circulation 

  • Pain and tension relief

Common symptoms and conditions that can be addressed

  • Painful and irregular menstruation                                     

  • Fertility challenges 

  • Bladder infections

  • Uterine fibroids 

  • Uterine prolapse

  • Pelvic congestion/pain

  • Aids in labor and birthing 

  • Diastasis recti  

  • Post-hysterectomy  

  • Gastritis 

  • Prostate problems

  • Headaches/migraine

  • Children with digestive issues and disabilities (see Care for Children below)

Sessions and Pricing

Initial Abdominal Therapy Session: $150

Includes consultation time, self-care teaching,  and all treatment recommendations. Plan for 90-minutes of consultation and treatment time. 


60-minute Follow up Abdominal Therapy Session: $100

Plan for 60 minutes. 


90-minute Follow-up Sessions: $125

Includes plant medicine and spiritual healing.

*If you are in need of a sliding scale option please reach out to me.


A typical session can include all or some of the following aspects

  • Health history consultation

  • Lower and Upper abdominal / organ massage

  • Pelvic & spinal alignment assessment with corrections

  • Reducing sacral scar tissue through trigger massage

  • Pressure point relief of tailbone / coccyx

  • Upper back, neck and shoulder massage

  • Light Lymphatic massage in outer thighs, groin, underarms, & cysterna chyli

  • Castor Oil Pack

  • Instruction in Self Care to enhance your professional treatment session

  • Herbal and dietary recommendations

  • Qigong meditation/breathing/exercise guidance and recommendations

When should I Avoid This Therapy?

There are some contradictions for Abdominal Therapy. If you have any of these concerns, you can contact Jessica for a consultation. In some cases, modifications can be made.

  • IUD (intra-uterine device for contraception) is present

  • Immediately after abdominal surgery

  • Active infection or cancer present in pelvic area, or while undergoing chemotherapy

  • Active and acute infection

  • Abdominal Aneurysm

  • Some types of pessaries will require removal prior to session

  • Any serious health condition that causes you concern

Please contact Jessica with any additional questions or for a free consultation to see if Abdominal Therapy is for you.



Initial Session: 40min - $60

Follow-up Sessions: 30min - $40

Care for Children

Children with chronic constipation and disabilities can be dramatically helped with this therapy. I offer sliding scale options and the time with each child is unique depending on age and situation. Please contact me to see if your child can benefit. A parent must be present during the duration of the treatment.

Pink Flowers
  • PMS

  • Endometriosis

  • Chronic yeast infections

  • Ovarian Cysts

  • Trauma-related tension

  • Incontinence

  • Menopause

  • IBS

  • Leaky Gut

  • Lower back ache

  • Chronic constipation

  • Abdominal Scar Tissue

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