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Functional Nutrition is a way of looking at diet and lifestyle that truly treats you as an individual, and works with your unique needs to help you improve your health.

Together, we work towards discovering the roots of your symptoms, as well as reconnecting to your intrinsic nature of repair. Our goal is not only to help relieve your symptoms, but to build a resilient foundation as best as we can to create more sustainable relief.  

My goal is to give you your power back, because we work with the things you can create habits around each and every day - diet, supplements, sleep, exercise, relaxation, and more. You will have more control over your life and your health than you thought possible.

DURING YOUR SESSION we will dig into your top health concerns and get you set up for success on your road to rebalance, providing tangible nutrition tips, realistic goal setting, mindful eating, exercise, lifestyle adjustments and best herbs/supplements - based on your unique habits and lifestyle preferences! AFTER your consult, I will provide a recap of the items discussed and links to anything mentioned during the call. NOTE: I will not do a deep dive into lab test results as the focus of this consult.

A typical session includes  some of the following:

  • Simplified, targeted health action items to fit your lifestyle

  • Education on food/body interactions; why some foods are inflammatory and others are healing

  • Therapeutic diet recommendations

  • Kitchen & Pantry make-over suggestions

  • Grocery Shopping lists & tips

  • Awesome Mindset Recommendations (podcasts, books, etc.)

  • Ayurveda based self-care recommendations

  • Support emails

  • Recipe and cookbook suggestions

  • Herbal and Supplement recommendations

  • Referrals for other health care workers as needed

  • Comprehensive lifestyle and health history intake

  • Simple Breathing & Qigong exercises

  • Tailored plans to fit your needs & goals

  • A safe space to be you, along with joy, humor, and fun

Image by Helena Lopes

Sessions and Pricing

Initial Functional Nutrition Session ($125)

  • Plan for an initial 60-minutes of Functional Nutrition health intake and creating a customized health plan & resources, which will be sent to you after our session together (can be done online via Zoom or in person).

Follow-up Sessions ($85

  • We will review questions, what's working and what is not, and dive deeper into shifting habits together. These are great for lab reviews, next steps, extra motivation, coaching, and inspiration to continue on your healing path. Plan for 45 minutes. All follow up session will be via Zoom or by phone.

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