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Abdominal & Pelvic Therapy enhances fertility through powerfully priming the uterus and pelvis to conceive more easily by:

  • Realigning the pelvic organs

  • Clearing out stagnation

  • Enhancing blood and lymph flow both in the mind and body 

  • Improved sperm count in bodies producing sperm

Whether you are preparing for conventional fertility treatments or trying to conceive naturally Abdominal Therapy is a safe, beneficial, and cost effective way to enhance your fertility and prepare your body.

Nothing thrills me more than getting a call from clients who have become pregnant after receiving this work!


FOR FERTILITY AND PREGNANCY - All bodies can benefit when trying to conceive

  • Supports pre-conception by strengthening uterine ligaments, supporting overall health of reproductive organs

  • Enhances ovarian function

  • Relaxation & renewal of joy

  • Trimester specific techniques to enhance health of mother and baby

  • Techniques to provide effective birthing process and post-partum care

  • Improves male sperm counts


Sessions and Pricing

Initial Abdominal Therapy Session: $150

Includes consultation time, self-care teaching,  and all treatment recommendations. Plan for 90-minutes of consultation and treatment time. 

60-minute Follow-up Sessions: $100

Plan for 60 minutes. 

90-minute Follow-up Sessions: $125 - these sessions include plant medicine and spiritual healing.

Plan for 90 minutes. 

Fertility Series Sessions: $90 each (minimum 3 sessions) - we will schedule these together after your initial appointment.

**If you need a sliding scale option please contact me.

A typical session can include all or some of the following aspects

  • Health history consultation

  • Lower and Upper abdominal / organ massage

  • Pelvic & spinal alignment assessment with corrections

  • Reducing sacral scar tissue through trigger massage

  • Pressure point relief of tailbone / coccyx

  • Upper back, neck and shoulder massage

  • Light Lymphatic massage in outer thighs, groin, underarms, & cysterna chyli

  • Castor Oil Pack

  • Instruction in Self Care to enhance your professional treatment session

  • Herbal and dietary recommendations

  • Qigong, uterine meditation/breathing/exercise guidance and recommendations

Fertility Programs

  • Sessions are optimally scheduled to take place after menses & before ovulation

  • One to Six-Month programs are offered based on needs & desires for conception

  • Abdominal Therapy is safe & recommended for people undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technologies (IVF, IUI, etc.)


"The uterus is the woman’s core, if it is out of balance, her whole life is out of balance-physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.”

-- Don Elijio Panti, Maya Shaman of Belize

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